Earthing your Energizer

Best Practice for installing an Earthing System  Ensuring the proper functioning of the earth system is essential for maintaining a consistent flow of electricity through the fence, thereby deterring animals or intruders effectively. Pel underground cable is double insulated galvanised steel or aluminium wire to reduce the risk of voltage leakage. Earth kits, equipped with […]

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024

Exploring Your Eligibility for Grant Funding!  With the latest release of grant funding from the government, the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 (FETF), offers three grants aimed at assisting you buy equipment or technology to:  Improve productivity.  Manage slurry.   Improve animal health and welfare.  Navigating through grant applications can sometimes be daunting. Here’s a […]

Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS)

This is a pilot grant scheme. The scheme opens for applications on Monday 7th of September 2020 and closes to applications midnight Sunday 11th of October 2020. The Agricultural Transformation Programme (ATP) was announced in Programme for Government 2019-2020 to promote changes in the Scottish Agricultural sector to meet challenging Climate Change targets.   We […]

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF)

The Farming Investment Fund This £27 million fund provides grants to farmers, growers, and foresters (including related contractors) so that they can invest in the things they need to improve productivity and enhance the natural environment. This includes new equipment, technology, and infrastructure. The Farming Investment Fund is made up of 2 parts: The Farming […]

Effective calf rearing and the benefits of teat feeding systems

When rearing healthier calves on milk replacer, good hygiene and nutrition is essential. But the first step is ensuring sufficient high-quality colostrum within 12 hours of birth. A newly born calf’s ability to absorb immunoglobulins in colostrum reduces significantly from about six hours and has gone completely by 24 hours (Source; AHDB Better Returns). If […]

Stay fully charged with Pel and Kaiwaka

Outwintering Outwintering whether on deferred grazing or brassicas supplemented by conserved forage can reduce costs by a very impressive 70% even though they need 10-20% more energy to do so. Considering the age of animals, what growth you want to achieve over winter or merely maintenance requirements. With mature stock, assess existing body condition score […]

Best Practice abortion prevention in breeding sheep

Avoiding losses between scanning and lambing make a big impact on live lamb numbers. Abortion can be attributed to a few causes and protection from EAE and Toxoplasmosis is essential, we discuss causes, treatment and some useful vaccinator tips and suggestions. Get the facts and protect your flock.           Credit: Mr […]

New round of Farming Equipment and Technology Fund grants open

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund is part of the Farming Investment Fund. It offers grants for specific items of equipment to increase productivity, boost environmental sustainability and improve animal health and welfare. Farmers, foresters and growers in England, including contractors to these sectors, can apply for a grant between £1,000 and £25,000. Grants go […]

Welsh Small Grant Efficiency scheme

The Welsh Small Grant Efficiency Scheme is specifically aimed at supporting farmers to produce food in a sustainable way, whilst taking proactive action to respond to the climate emergency and to help reverse the decline in biodiversity. It focuses on providing capital funding to help farmers in Wales to improve the technical, financial and environmental […]

Datamars acquires HerdInsights

Today, our parent company, Datamars, announced the acquisition of Irish remote animal monitoring company, HerdInsights. With this strategic move, Datamars significantly accelerated its own research and product development work in the area of livestock performance monitoring; and enhanced its ability to deliver data-driven insights to livestock producers on productivity, animal wellbeing and sustainable resource use […]