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“Water is so important for cow health and milk production, to anyone thinking about investing it this system – do it! It’s the best investment I have ever made.

Previously the cows had always been begging for water, their troughs took such a long time to fill up and we wouldn’t have any water in the house during milking.

A new bore hole was dug in 2017 and the troughs along with Apex Ball Valves were put in during the summer of 2018 – thank goodness as we would have really struggled in the heatwave. Twelve cows can fit around a trough at the same time and the water gains in the trough quicker than the cows can drink it!

The Apex Xtra Flow Ball Valve from KiwiKit valve lets 25ml in the trough pipe and works on a diaphragm system that fills 100 gallons per minute. So it is VERY fast!

We are definitely producing more milk – the cows are content with the water – they used to come into milk and go straight to the trough, now they walk straight past it and into the parlour.” Martin Mathias, Bandgeston Farm, Pembrokeshire




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Apex Valves Ltd

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Anka Hose Nozzles

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