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Earthing your Energizer

Best Practice for installing an Earthing System  Ensuring the proper functioning of the earth system is essential for maintaining a consistent flow of electricity through the fence, thereby deterring animals or intruders effectively. Pel underground cable is double insulated galvanised steel or aluminium wire to reduce the risk of voltage leakage. Earth kits, equipped with […]

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024

Exploring Your Eligibility for Grant Funding!  With the latest release of grant funding from the government, the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 (FETF), offers three grants aimed at assisting you buy equipment or technology to:  Improve productivity.  Manage slurry.   Improve animal health and welfare.  Navigating through grant applications can sometimes be daunting. Here’s a […]

Datamars Livestock launches ‘smart’ 46 Joule Pel Energizer

There’s a new King of the paddock, with global leader in animal management, Datamars Livestock, launching a 46 Joule Pel electric fence energizer. The PEL 46000W Mains Energizer offers a powerful alternative to the PEL 836RS/R models, for farmers that want a great performing energizer with an intuitive interface. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, the […]