Management Tags Q&A

What are management tags?
They offer livestock keepers a way of easily identifying individual or groups of animals in addition to mandatory Official tags required by law. Identification for management purposes by age, size, sex, breed, sire/dam origin, flock/herd/location origin etc. assists livestock keepers. They can assist in monitoring weight gain using readers and digital weigh scales if an EID option is used, when Official Visual tag sets have been used in cattle instead. Sheep tags are either one EID Slaughter tag or a Breeding Set with one being EID. They can also be an additional Unofficial Tissue Sampling Tag (TST) used to detect diseases such as BVD in cattle or used to extract genetics for traceability for supply chain and pedigree flock or herd requirements.
Are management tags Official tags?
No, generally, they are Unofficial and do not carry mandatory holding flock, herd or species details. They can be any colour, type and contain numbers, names, logos or a combination.
Can you add management information onto Official tags?
Yes you can, we have a huge range of print and colour options alongside Official information that is Mandatory and many livestock keepers find this cost effective and avoiding the need for additional tagging of animals.
Do Official tags always have to be yellow?
In certain circumstances yes such as EID tags in sheep which have to be yellow (exc. Scotland). As is a single slaughter tag too. When using Breeding Sets, again the EID tag is yellow but the match-up Visual tag can be a range of colour options. Cattle Official Secondary tags do not have to be yellow and be a different colour from the wide range we offer.
Can you buy blank or preprinted management tags?
Yes you can, if a number sequence of 1,2, 3 etc. is required, this can be preprinted, tags can be part printed with a space for additional information to be added. You can also opt for a totally blank tag for you to hand write information on.
How do I write my own information onto management tags?
You can use a special tag marker pen which has a four year guarantee and the number needs two heavy coats of ink and left to dry properly for a permanent mark.
Can I use any marker pen to write on management tags?
If you want a non-fade mark you need to use a proper tag marking pen or longevity cannot be guaranteed.
What is a ‘third’ tag option I sometimes hear this phrase?
This is simply an additional management tag added after an animal has already got two Official tags and can have numbers, text and colours. They can be extra-large with large print so easily read in a field or handling pen, a different colour, or even simply be a small Button tag.
Are management tags always Visual or can I buy EID ones too?
Both, EID management tags allow two Official Visual tags to be used alongside EID for easier identification with EID panel or stick readers capturing the unique animal identification number contained in the EID tag.
Are management tags always yellow?
No, they can be a wide range of colours from our comprehensive range. However, some colours are ‘reserved’ such as EID sheep tags needing to be yellow (exc. Scotland) or red signifying a Replacement tag.
What size of management tags can I get?
We offer Extra Large management flag tags, as well as Large, Medium and Button options to suit requirements.
Are management tags always 2 piece tags?
No, we offer one-piece management tags which are extremely popular in overseas markets and quite new to the UK. A lot of management tags are two piece male and female components.
Are two-piece management tag male and females always the same size?
Not always, often a Female Flag tag can have a Male Button back reducing cost.
Can you use a management tag to an animal already tagged?
Yes, you can and can be used for animals already possessing Official tags often bought in as replacement breeding stock or for finishing.
How are management tags packaged?

Tags are sold in packs of Male and Female so colours, Female Flags and Male Buttons can be combined if desired. Alternatively, Male and Female tags can be the same size.

Where do I buy management tags from them?
Online, from your local sales representative or from most UK Agri merchant stores.