Tagging from birth with TagFaster

Farms: – 800 Commercial Ewes, 60 Kerry Hills, 70 Charollais & 70 Beltex Sheep & 90 Pedigree Suckler Limousin Cattle

Before he started using the Tagfaster tags Chris Price never tagged from birth – he didn’t feel he had the confidence to take any risks with the identities of his breeding sheep and their progeny.

Tags he had used previously had been too heavy and made lamb’s ears droop. TagFaster was small and lightweight so he took the decision to tag from birth, in 2015.

Whilst he appreciates the convenience of the automatic tagger and the time he saves, more than anything he really likes the tags.

Chris tagged 200 ewe Lambs at lambing time in February/March, and when he brought them in in early December to treat them there was not one single tag missing.

He added that “I have only ever lost 6 TagFaster tags out of 1,000 fattening lambs, and that was no doubt due to our creep feeders and the variation in lamb head size.”

Chris believes that TagFaster tags will continue to have excellent retention and he wouldn’t change to any other supplier.

Chris does use Roxan’s Rubba tags in his Kerry Hills, which again he is very pleased with, as he is not a fan of the society’s choice of tags – they don’t appear to read particularly well and they can often tear out because of their size.

“Before I used Roxan TagFaster I had never tagged lambs from birth. Since using TagFaster I now have the confidence to do so in future years.

Females are tagged with Twin tags and the males with a Single tag. Roxan’s tags are lightweight and don’t make the ears droop like previous tags on young lambs.

In February this year I tagged 200 ewe lambs and I have not lost a single tag to date (December); perfect retention and a great deal better than anything else I have used.

The automatic tagger is quick, easy to use and delivers tags in sequence, which saves me time when lambing over 1,000 ewes. Overall, I think the system is excellent.”

Chris Price, Middle Tysoe Warks